Pumpkin Loving

STRIPED TOPOld Navy / / LEGGINGSOld Navy / / SCARF: American Eagle (old) / / BOOTSUnlisted / /

Fall is definitely my favorite season! I’m loving the weather right now where it’s cool enough to wear boots and long sleeves but not chilly where I need a coat. I’m really loving scarfs this season and just got this one that I love. A lot of scarves just look huge on me so when I find a super soft one that doesn’t look like it swallowed my neck, I get it haha!

Andrew and I finally got to carve a pumpkin and it was so fun! We just went for a simple design this time…the complicated ones just make us frustrated and take the fun out of it for us. We watched scary movies all weekend long and I can’t wait for ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween. The classics are still my favorite like Halloweentown. I hope ya’ll have a great week and love you all!

What to Wear to Disney World

Look 1- CHAMBRAY TOP: Old Navy (sold out but exact dress version and similar romper) / / BLACK SHORTS: American Eagle / / MONOGRAMMED CROSSBODY: Etsy / /

Look 2- MINT T-SHIRT: Volunteer Traditions / / WHITE SHORTS: American Eagle (white is sold out but love the burgundy for a grey t-shirt) / / SHOES: Nike / /

Look 3- USA T-SHIRT: special edition 4th of July tee Old Navy / / WHITE SHORTS: American Eagle / / SHOES: Nike / /

Look 4- BIKINI TOP: Victoria’s Secret / / BIKINI BOTTOMS: Victoria’s Secret / /

Look 5- Disney World Post (Pictures & outfit details) / /

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I thought I’d share with you what I wore and packed for Disney World since I had such a hard time deciding. Now that I know what to expect, I have some advice what you should and shouldn’t bring with you. I know everyone is going to be different but this is what worked for me. Hope it helps!

What I wore / / So as you can see it was super hot when I went to Disney World! Honestly, if you go about anytime except for winter then it’s going to be pretty hot since it is in Florida. That is a plus about going to Disney Land over Disney World haha. I packed a mixture of clothes since I didn’t know what I’d want to wear. I loved the white tank top I wore in look 5 from my first Disney World post and the chambray top in look 1 because they’re loose, simple and really pretty. I like the pretty part because most of the time I was a sweaty mess, so the top made me look a little more put together (I hope haha). Loose and comfy is definitely what I recommend. I also wore t-shirts on two of the days. I wore those on the days I wore my tennis shoes since my tank tops don’t go with tennis shoes. The t-shirts actually felt a little hotter than my tank tops since they’re not as light so if you pack a t-shirt go for a lightweight one. Then, of course, shorts. I didn’t bring any jean shorts since those tend to get hotter. For shoes, I wore some slightly cushioned sandals with look 1 and 5. My feet were cool and didn’t hurt until the end of the day. But I wouldn’t recommend wearing them twice in a row. I wore my Nike tennis shoes with my t-shirts which were perfect.

In my bag / / I brought my monogrammed crossbody since it’s light and has three compartments for the little things I needed. I put money, travel size deodorant, headache or stomachache medicine, hair tie & bobby pins, face blotting sheets, peanut butter crackers  for a snack (if you’re on a budget like me), poncho (in case it rains), and my phone. We did bring water bottles with us the first two days and then realized that it’s much much easier to just go to a restaurant or drink stand and ask for a cup of water. It’s free and much better than carrying around heavy water bottles all day.

The last picture is our relaxing day at the beach. We drove to Daytona like an hour away from Disney. Don’t forget to put on lots of sunscreen and have fun! Love you all!

Stripes and a Pop of Color

TOPOld Navy / / SHORTS: Delia’s / / SUNGLASSESCalvin Klein / / V-RINGAmerican Eagle / / EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad / /

I am in love with this top because it’s just so comfy and flattering (and I snagged it during Old Navy’s 40% off sale)! I got the black and white striped one but they also have it with pink stripes and in a solid color. I always feel like I need to add some color to black and white especially when it’s stripes so I wore these shorts and polished my nails red for a pop of color. Sandals, flats, or even ankle boots would look great with an outfit like this.

I am so excited for this weekend because all of the fall things like corn mazes, pumpkin patches, petting zoo, and haunted houses are opening! I cannot wait to go to a corn maze and bring some glow sticks with us to do it at night. I’m loving all the pumpkins everywhere and can’t wait for the leaves to start changing. I’m going to try to get Andrew to go to a corn maze and find a bonfire to roast some marshmallows. Love me some s’mores! Hope everyone has a great weekend and finds something fun to do! It’s almost Friday!


Orange and White

DRESSFrancesca’s / / ORANGE NECKLACEFrancesca’s / / ORANGE & GOLD BANGLES: Old Navy (only in store) / / ORANGE & GOLD EARRINGS: Old Navy (only in store) / / COWGIRL BOOTS: Boot Country / / Andrew- UT POLOTennessee Athletics / / SHORTSAmerican Eagle / / LEATHER FLIP-FLOPSAmerican Eagle

In honor of UT’s first home football game this fall, I thought I would post what I wore to the game when I got to go a few years back. UT’s colors are obviously orange and white so it was easy for me to find a white dress and then add some orange accessories. It can get really hard to find your school’s exact color in a dress sometimes (especially if their colors are really unique), so my advice for that would be to go shopping in stores like boutiques that are close to the campus. They purposely stock-up on dresses and shirts that are the school’s color. I think the best thing to wear to a college football game is definitely a dress unless you go more towards winter when it’s colder out. Dresses are so comfortable to me while also looking like you tried to dress up some. Oh and they are cool which is especially important here in the south haha! If you are able to find a solid colored dress in your school’s color then it becomes a super easy outfit to put together. I would make sure your dress isn’t too fancy and has a more cotton like material. You also want it to be comfortable! Once you’ve found a dress you like, all you have to do is add a necklace or bracelet in the other school color and then pair it with some cowgirl boots or sandals! I don’t recommend heels since they just aren’t practical with all of those bleachers and stairs.

Another simple tip is to polish your nails in your school’s color. I just did orange nails and it gives you another pop of a color that you may not have had much of in your outfit before. You could also try a less dramatic version of this with your makeup. Like for me, I could have done a peachy lip color or blush to play up the orange some. It would be super easy if your school color was red to just add some red lipstick. I probably would steer clear of this though if your color was something like blue or green since those aren’t really natural makeup colors.

For men, it’s really simple. A polo shirt in your school’s color which can usually be bought at your school’s gift shop or online store and a pair of khaki shorts is perfect for the game. Don’t forget some sunglasses and have fun!!!