Fall Dresses

Erika- DRESS: American Eagle / / BOOTIES: American Eagle, old (love these) / / SCARFFrancesca’s / / EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad / / SUNGLASSES: Calvin Klein / / Jessica- TOPAltar’d State / / SKIRT: Loft (Similar here) / /

It’s like overnight the leaves finally started to change colors, and they’re gorgeous! I have to say Tennessee definitely has the best fall season when it comes to all of the trees changing color. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but I’m already ready for Christmas…it’s like I’ve worn out all of these fun fall things and I’m ready to move on to the next holiday haha!

If there’s one thing you’re going to see a lot of this fall and even winter it will be the scarf and booties I’m wearing here. They are my favorites right now. I don’t know if it’s because they go together perfectly or what. It just makes me feel put together when the top of my outfit matches with the bottom haha! Does anyone else feel that way? I guess it’s kind of like matching your shoes to your outfit. I don’t really care for dark colors and just want bright colors in every season so adding a neutral colored scarf and shoes kind of tone down my light pink dress that would have looked like it was meant for spring. Oh and about the booties…I’d recommend getting one with a low heel since you’ll probably wear them more that way. I have a pair that have a 3 inch heel which is still not that high but they just don’t work for everyday like the ones I have on in the picture. I think those are like a 2 inch heel.

I went to a pumpkin patch with my kindergarten class for a field trip and it was a lot of fun. The kids got to pet and feed little baby goats. They are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Then, they each got to pick out a small pumpkin and put it in their bag to take home. It was the sweetest thing to see them all excited about their own little pumpkin. I can’t wait to have my own baby because I know it’s going to be even sweeter to see their reactions. Don’t get me wrong they have their not so sweet moments but for the field trip they did pretty well. I hope everyone has a great week and Thanksgiving is only three and half weeks away!!!


Date Night

SCARF: American Eagle / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / FLATSForever 21 / / Andrew- SHIRTPolo Ralph Lauren / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / /

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this one! This may be a bit cheesy but I think it’s so important to just find someone that you can be yourself around. I don’t worry about what I look like or how I act around him and he still loves me. I may have only dated one guy my whole life (how did that work out!?) but that’s fine with me. It’s hard to think of fun things to do since we’ve been dating for almost four years now so I put together some of my favorites. Hope you find one or two to try on your next date night!

Picnic / / All you need is a blanket and some wine (or food) for a date night watching the sunset

Christmas Lights / / I know this is something you can only do in the holiday season but I couldn’t leave it out! It’s one of my favorite date when Andrew and I grab some hot chocolate from Starbucks and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Opryland hotel is really close to where we live and they always have tons of Christmas decorations so we really enjoy walking around looking at those too

Drive-in Movies / / It gets kind of old going to the movies so the drive-in is a fun change. I love getting comfortable and cozy in my car and it’s also more romantic since you don’t have another person two feet away from you haha!

Baking / / Now this may not be for everyone but I think it can be really fun to try out a new cookie recipe especially decorating them for Christmas or Halloween

S’mores / / Somehow all my date ideas have food in them but you go on your date at night and have to eat sooo there you go. S’mores are a mess but so fun to make and it’s an opportunity to snuggle by a fire!

Pumpkin Loving

STRIPED TOPOld Navy / / LEGGINGSOld Navy / / SCARF: American Eagle (old) / / BOOTSUnlisted / /

Fall is definitely my favorite season! I’m loving the weather right now where it’s cool enough to wear boots and long sleeves but not chilly where I need a coat. I’m really loving scarfs this season and just got this one that I love. A lot of scarves just look huge on me so when I find a super soft one that doesn’t look like it swallowed my neck, I get it haha!

Andrew and I finally got to carve a pumpkin and it was so fun! We just went for a simple design this time…the complicated ones just make us frustrated and take the fun out of it for us. We watched scary movies all weekend long and I can’t wait for ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween. The classics are still my favorite like Halloweentown. I hope ya’ll have a great week and love you all!

What to Wear to Disney World

Look 1- CHAMBRAY TOP: Old Navy (sold out but exact dress version and similar romper) / / BLACK SHORTS: American Eagle / / MONOGRAMMED CROSSBODY: Etsy / /

Look 2- MINT T-SHIRT: Volunteer Traditions / / WHITE SHORTS: American Eagle (white is sold out but love the burgundy for a grey t-shirt) / / SHOES: Nike / /

Look 3- USA T-SHIRT: special edition 4th of July tee Old Navy / / WHITE SHORTS: American Eagle / / SHOES: Nike / /

Look 4- BIKINI TOP: Victoria’s Secret / / BIKINI BOTTOMS: Victoria’s Secret / /

Look 5- Disney World Post (Pictures & outfit details) / /

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I thought I’d share with you what I wore and packed for Disney World since I had such a hard time deciding. Now that I know what to expect, I have some advice what you should and shouldn’t bring with you. I know everyone is going to be different but this is what worked for me. Hope it helps!

What I wore / / So as you can see it was super hot when I went to Disney World! Honestly, if you go about anytime except for winter then it’s going to be pretty hot since it is in Florida. That is a plus about going to Disney Land over Disney World haha. I packed a mixture of clothes since I didn’t know what I’d want to wear. I loved the white tank top I wore in look 5 from my first Disney World post and the chambray top in look 1 because they’re loose, simple and really pretty. I like the pretty part because most of the time I was a sweaty mess, so the top made me look a little more put together (I hope haha). Loose and comfy is definitely what I recommend. I also wore t-shirts on two of the days. I wore those on the days I wore my tennis shoes since my tank tops don’t go with tennis shoes. The t-shirts actually felt a little hotter than my tank tops since they’re not as light so if you pack a t-shirt go for a lightweight one. Then, of course, shorts. I didn’t bring any jean shorts since those tend to get hotter. For shoes, I wore some slightly cushioned sandals with look 1 and 5. My feet were cool and didn’t hurt until the end of the day. But I wouldn’t recommend wearing them twice in a row. I wore my Nike tennis shoes with my t-shirts which were perfect.

In my bag / / I brought my monogrammed crossbody since it’s light and has three compartments for the little things I needed. I put money, travel size deodorant, headache or stomachache medicine, hair tie & bobby pins, face blotting sheets, peanut butter crackers  for a snack (if you’re on a budget like me), poncho (in case it rains), and my phone. We did bring water bottles with us the first two days and then realized that it’s much much easier to just go to a restaurant or drink stand and ask for a cup of water. It’s free and much better than carrying around heavy water bottles all day.

The last picture is our relaxing day at the beach. We drove to Daytona like an hour away from Disney. Don’t forget to put on lots of sunscreen and have fun! Love you all!

Disney World

TOP: Target (out of stock, similar here) / / SHORTS: Delia’s / / MONOGRAMMED CROSSBODYEtsy / /

Disney World!!! I went there over the summer with Andrew and his family for four days in all of the different parks…this is just the first day. We went there in the middle of July in Florida, so it was SUPER hot! Like 100 degrees and sunny everyday hot. I was sweating so much and thank goodness these pictures were from the beginning of the day or I would be a mess haha. When Andrew’s family goes to Disney World they go non-stop all day. That and the heat definitely wore me out. It was the first time I went to Disney World so it was a really fun experience seeing the castle and all of the themed rides. We saw Woody and Jesse from Toy Story and knew we had to meet and take pictures with them. Toy Story is definitely one of our favorite Disney movies. Jesse loved Andrew; It was hilarious. When we went to leave, she wanted to go with us and asked if we were going to Splash Mountain haha!

I had such a hard time deciding what to pack for Disney World and had no clue what I’d want to wear since I’d never been before. Thursday I’m going to tell you what I ended up packing and what I’d bring on a vacation to Disney World or any other theme park if you go in the summer. Thanks for reading!

Game Day

TANK TOP: Aerie (Similar here) / / CARDIGANKohl’s / / SCARF: Aerie / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / SHOES: Lauren Ralph Lauren via TJMaxx / / EARRINGS: LC Lauren Conrad / / Andrew- JERSEYTennessee Athletics / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / SHOESSperry / /

I didn’t even realize until later that my tank top had little white polka dots on it that went with the polka dots on my scarf…love it when your outfit looks like you actually put some thought into it when really it was an accident haha! I’m so ready to wear scarves since it’s getting cooler outside. I think they just complete outfits with an extra accessory. I also really like them for those tops that have a big neck that I’m constantly tugging at all day…I can just wear a scarf and then not worry about it. I’m sure you noticed it’s still not thatttt cool out since I dressed in layers and wore some sandals but it’s getting there!

Andrew and I were of course wearing our orange and white for the UT football game that day. I get tired of wearing t-shirts (who would’ve thought) since I wear them a lot at school, so I just wanted to dress up a bit more to watch the game. Andrew always wears his jersey…I guess it’s a superstition thing? Anyway, they ended up losing by one point :( But we had a fun day out at the park and loving this sunshine! One of my favorite things to do in Knoxville when I go visit Andrew is just drive around looking at all the huge, old houses. I think they’re just so beautiful! Mostly everything is new where I’m from so we don’t have much of the colonial style houses that I just love. Hope everyone is having a great week, love you all!

Rainy Day Fun

TOP: Target (Out of stock, similar here) / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / RAINBOOTSHunter / / RAINCOAT: Columbia / / PURSE: Kate Spade / / EARRINGS: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s / / Andrew- UT POLOTennessee Volunteers / / RAINCOATThe North Face / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / SHOESSperry

I went to visit Andrew for the weekend in Knoxville and it was raining all day on Friday but we still wanted to be outside. So we put on our raincoats and I wore my Hunter rainboots….and we forgot an umbrella of course haha! I love these rainboots and I’m so glad I splurged on them. I ordered them from the Hunter website and they don’t charge tax and the shipping is free. I couldn’t decide between the grey or red but I’m really glad I got the red because it makes them more of a statement piece. The top I’m wearing always gets so many compliments too. It just fits so well and Target has plenty of pieces like this where it’s loose, lightweight top with subtle details. And oh my I can’t forget to talk about the jeans I’m wearing! I recently got them from American Eagle and they’re perfect because they’re SO comfortable! They’re actually jeggings but look exactly like jeans. The only difference is that they are so much softer and more stretchy. They fit my little legs unlike a lot of other jeans.

Andrew and I had so much fun just walking around UT and seeing all of the different buildings. The university is pretty old so they have some of the most beautiful, old buildings mixed with some new ones too. Then, we went to Jason’s Deli and got the salad bar. I had really been craving this because I love all of their toppings and you have an unlimited amount. The best part of Jason’s Deli has to be the delicious soft-serve ice-cream! I could eat it everyday and it’s free with your meal! Thanks for reading and hope you are all having a great Tuesday!

Stripes and a Pop of Color

TOPOld Navy / / SHORTS: Delia’s / / SUNGLASSESCalvin Klein / / V-RINGAmerican Eagle / / EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad / /

I am in love with this top because it’s just so comfy and flattering (and I snagged it during Old Navy’s 40% off sale)! I got the black and white striped one but they also have it with pink stripes and in a solid color. I always feel like I need to add some color to black and white especially when it’s stripes so I wore these shorts and polished my nails red for a pop of color. Sandals, flats, or even ankle boots would look great with an outfit like this.

I am so excited for this weekend because all of the fall things like corn mazes, pumpkin patches, petting zoo, and haunted houses are opening! I cannot wait to go to a corn maze and bring some glow sticks with us to do it at night. I’m loving all the pumpkins everywhere and can’t wait for the leaves to start changing. I’m going to try to get Andrew to go to a corn maze and find a bonfire to roast some marshmallows. Love me some s’mores! Hope everyone has a great weekend and finds something fun to do! It’s almost Friday!


Transitioning to Fall

Erika- MINT CARDIGANKohl’s / / BLACK TOPForever 21 / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / Jessica- CARDIGANTarget / / TOP: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s / / JEANSAmerican Eagle

It’s the time of the year where it’s chilly in the morning so I want to wear jeans and a sweater but then I’m pulling off that sweater and super hot by the afternoon. It’s really hard to dress for this time of the year. The key is LAYERS. Lots of layers. If I don’t wear short sleeves or quarter length sleeves then I’m probably wearing a tank top with a sweater. I wear the sweater in the morning and then take it off once it starts warming up. It’s also easy to wear some skinny jeans and then roll up the bottom of them two times to turn them into capris or cropped jeans. It’s also still pretty hot out that I’m in my sandals everyday. All of this helps to balance out my outfit when it’s that weird in-between summer and fall weather. Hope this helps you with the transition!

This is my little sister, Jessica, in the pictures above. We’re literally best friends. Our last name starts with a C so that’s where the C on the barn comes into play in case you were wondering haha. Barns and rustic looks are really big right now and I’m in love with this one at my aunt and uncles house. They’re also the perfect backdrop for your fall pictures! Thanks for reading and hope you’re all having a great Tuesday!

City View

DRESSAmerican Eagle (Similar here) / / NAIL POLISHSally Hansen gel in red eye / / Andrew- POLOVolunteer Traditions / / SHORTSAmerican Eagle

Over the summer, Andrew lived in Nashville in a condo that had the best view from the balcony! It was just so pretty and peaceful (at least from the 26th floor haha). We could see everything from there since it was right in the middle of downtown Nashville. It was so fun with him living there, because we could just walk to everything from his condo. A few streets down was the CMA Festival (we went to see Jana Kramer!) over the summer and it’s also where everything in Nashville takes place. I love country music and have always lived about 40 minutes away from Nashville but have never really gotten to just walk around downtown as much as I have this past summer. There’s so much to do and see. They have live music in just about every place on Broadway. I would loveee to go to the Grand Ole Opry and still can’t believe I haven’t been yet. It’s weird that so many famous people visit downtown Nashville and I see instagram pictures with them there all the time but I have yet to see one of them in person. Oh well, it’s still fun to just sight-see there :) Thanks for reading and below is a picture I took from Jana Kramer’s CMA concert!

2015-06-11 14.27.53