White lace…

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DRESS: American Eagle / / 

We took these pictures my graduation day and I’m so in love with the dress I wore! They’re all sold out online now :( it’s like a creme color and had scallop trim around the top. I love scalloped anything right now. I’m also in love with this boy in case you can’t tell ;) I’m so Continue reading “White lace…”


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DRESSAmerican Eagle / / SHOESLauren Ralph Lauren sold out / /

As of Saturday, I can say I am officially a college graduate! And I applied for my teaching license! I’m so excited to graduate but scared about going into the real world now haha! We had a fun day celebrating, eating cake, and opening presents. Here’s a few pictures with Continue reading “Graduation…”

The Biltmore and I’m Engaged!!!

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So this happened over my spring break! I went to see Andrew in Knoxville and he had a surprise trip for us. I had no clue where we were going but he told me to wear the dress I had packed. It was kinda freezing and I hadn’t planned on wearing my black sweater and my black tights (just one or the other) but I hope it didn’t turn out too bad together haha. Anyway, we got on the interstate and headed towards Asheville, North Carolina. I Continue reading “The Biltmore and I’m Engaged!!!”

Easter Weekend

I think Easter is definitely one of the happiest holidays, right up there with Christmas. Bright colors and cute spring decor everywhere makes me so excited! I’m really into bright colored anything and bring on the warmer weather haha. This year I didn’t have time to go pick out an Easter dress. I love getting a new one to wear but it just didn’t work this time so I ended up in one I’ve worn several times. It’s a blush shade which went perfectly with Continue reading “Easter Weekend”

Shades of Blue

Denim Jacket / / Dress / / Ankle boots / / Scarf / / Kate Spade Purse

Lately I’ve been wearing lots of blue. I’m all about navy and shades of blue with white this spring. I love this pleated dress and got it on sale at Dillard’s. Sadly, they don’t have it anymore but I linked the brand, GB, for similar ones. Hope everyone has been having a good year. I know I’ve had a super busy one so far. Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and think about what’s really important to you. I have been so busy I’ve missed out on a lot. I’m just trying to look ahead and think of where I want to be and what’s Continue reading “Shades of Blue”

Little Black Dress

2015-12-13 12.16.192015-12-13 19.47.522015-12-13 20.20.34-12015-12-13 20.21.59

DRESS: H&M (similar) / / SWEATERForever 21 / / BOOTIESLC Lauren Conrad / / EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad / /

I can’t believe Christmas is already over! Andrew and I managed to make it to Opryland Hotel this year to see the Christmas lights. We went with my sister and her  boyfriend. It’s always fun to see the new way they decorated and look at all of the gorgeous flowers. It was super crowded like always when it gets close to Christmas. We got some Starbucks (the vanilla bean creme frappucino tastes just like snow cream, I’m in love!) to actually cool us off not keep us warm haha! It’s been in the 70’s here IN DECEMBER! It’s the weirdest thing.

I wore this lace black dress I got from H&M. I couldn’t find the exact one online but still saw a few in the store the last time I went. I always get so many compliments on it (and I only gave $12 for it!!). I’ve been wanting a longer sweater for dresses but it seemed like I could only find super long ones so I was so excited when I found this one from Forever 21, and it doesn’t feel cheap either.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a very Happy New Year!!! Love you all and thanks for reading!


Andrew finally came home after about three weeks! I think that’s like the longest we’ve been apart so I’m glad that school’s about over. We got to go on a date night to see Mockingjay Part II and it was SO good! We went and ate at Chick-fil-a afterwards and just talked for a good hour. I needed a break from school.

2015-11-25 15.08.46

This picture is from the book character parade we had at school before Halloween. The kindergarten teachers and student teachers dressed up as superheros. I’m number six of the seven habit superheros. I wish I could show a picture of the kids…they were so cute in their costumes! 2015-10-30 12.29.57

My sweet baby sister, Jessica, and I after church. I even managed to do a braid in my hair and wish I had a better picture of it. 2015-11-15 12.20.502015-11-15 12.20.59

I love this picture of my grandma petting one of Jessica’s baby calves. Jessica bottle feeds the ones who lost their mother.2015-10-22 12.55.25

Rebekah and I went to Target and found this double headed sweater and thought it was hilarious! If you go to an ugly Christmas sweater party then definitely check this one out haha!2015-11-21 20.32.02

BLACK & WHITE STRIPED DRESS: Victoria’s Secret (old) / / BLACK BOOTIESLC Lauren Conrad / / TAN BOOTIES: American Eagle (out of stock) similar here / / SCARFFrancesca’s / /

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is having fun getting ready for Christmas! I’ve been so busy ever since the week of Thanksgiving. I’ve been decorating, shopping for Christmas presents, working on homework, and getting ready for finals. I can’t wait to finish up school so I can start doing all of the fun Christmas things like looking at the Christmas lights, making cookies, watching Christmas movies all day, and drinking hot chocolate. Hope everyone is having a great week, love you all!




PINK PEONIES: World Market / / MASON JARWalmart / / WOOD SIGNHobby Lobby (also love this one) / / CORK BOARD: Old but love this one / / MINI CLOTHES PINSWalmart / / TWINEWalmart / / CORSAGE: Mine from prom / /

I recently changed my room with some little, easy details. I had the polka dot framed cork board for a while and just pinned pictures on it with some thumbnails. That starts to look cluttered very easily. So I just used some twine I had and cut a piece a little longer than the width of the cork board. I tied a bow to each end and pinned it to the cork board at the center of the bow. Then, I just took some mini clothes pins and clipped a few pictures or any other keepsake you might have (like my corsage) to it.

I had been looking for some flowers for a while. I loveee real ones but they don’t last. And all of the ones I’ve seen at Hobby Lobby are super long which I know you can cut the stems but I just can’t picture them looking good short. So when I saw the pink peonies from World Market that went perfectly with my light pink comforter I had to get them. I don’t like the look of fake flowers but these look pretty close to real and they’re already in a bunch together (you can pull them apart if you want). I’m really into the vintage look like on Fixer Upper right now. I absolutely love that show too. Like I’ve seen all of the episodes three or four times haha! Their new season starts in December thank goodness! You have to check it out if you haven’t seen it. It’s the perfect southern style and Chip and Joanna are hilarious.

Hope you found something to try at your house! Love ya’ll!

*You could even paint the inside of your mason jar to match the color of your room…I plan on doing that with mine but just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Date Night

SCARF: American Eagle / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / / FLATSForever 21 / / Andrew- SHIRTPolo Ralph Lauren / / JEANSAmerican Eagle / /

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this one! This may be a bit cheesy but I think it’s so important to just find someone that you can be yourself around. I don’t worry about what I look like or how I act around him and he still loves me. I may have only dated one guy my whole life (how did that work out!?) but that’s fine with me. It’s hard to think of fun things to do since we’ve been dating for almost four years now so I put together some of my favorites. Hope you find one or two to try on your next date night!

Picnic / / All you need is a blanket and some wine (or food) for a date night watching the sunset

Christmas Lights / / I know this is something you can only do in the holiday season but I couldn’t leave it out! It’s one of my favorite date when Andrew and I grab some hot chocolate from Starbucks and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Opryland hotel is really close to where we live and they always have tons of Christmas decorations so we really enjoy walking around looking at those too

Drive-in Movies / / It gets kind of old going to the movies so the drive-in is a fun change. I love getting comfortable and cozy in my car and it’s also more romantic since you don’t have another person two feet away from you haha!

Baking / / Now this may not be for everyone but I think it can be really fun to try out a new cookie recipe especially decorating them for Christmas or Halloween

S’mores / / Somehow all my date ideas have food in them but you go on your date at night and have to eat sooo there you go. S’mores are a mess but so fun to make and it’s an opportunity to snuggle by a fire!

Disney World

TOP: Target (out of stock, similar here) / / SHORTS: Delia’s / / MONOGRAMMED CROSSBODYEtsy / /

Disney World!!! I went there over the summer with Andrew and his family for four days in all of the different parks…this is just the first day. We went there in the middle of July in Florida, so it was SUPER hot! Like 100 degrees and sunny everyday hot. I was sweating so much and thank goodness these pictures were from the beginning of the day or I would be a mess haha. When Andrew’s family goes to Disney World they go non-stop all day. That and the heat definitely wore me out. It was the first time I went to Disney World so it was a really fun experience seeing the castle and all of the themed rides. We saw Woody and Jesse from Toy Story and knew we had to meet and take pictures with them. Toy Story is definitely one of our favorite Disney movies. Jesse loved Andrew; It was hilarious. When we went to leave, she wanted to go with us and asked if we were going to Splash Mountain haha!

I had such a hard time deciding what to pack for Disney World and had no clue what I’d want to wear since I’d never been before. Thursday I’m going to tell you what I ended up packing and what I’d bring on a vacation to Disney World or any other theme park if you go in the summer. Thanks for reading!