My Recent Beauty Must Haves

FOUNDATION: Estee Lauder Double Wear in tawny / / POWDERMakeup Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation in light beige / / PRIMER: Revlon prime + anti-shine balm / / CHAPSTICK: Yes to Coconut lip balm / / LIQUID EXFOLIATEPaula’s Choice BHA liquid / /

Happy Tuesday! These are a few of my favorite beauty products recently! I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about the Estee Lauder foundation but it really does look so great when you first put it on! I’ve heard a few people say that it’s too full coverage and looks cakey but I think that’s all in how you put it on. I use just the tiniest amount (especially since it’s expensive) and blend with my fingers. That way I’m not wasting much and it doesn’t get cakey. I feel like brushes make it go on thicker.

For powder, I’m really liking the Makeup Forever powder because it just perfects everything.

I’m SO glad I found the primer balm from Revlon because it makes me not shiny at all and fills in my pores. It also helps makeup stay put even more if you dab some on top of your foundation instead of powder.

The coconut chapstick smells amazing!!! I think that’s mainly why I love it so much, you have to try it!

I got the liquid exfoliate since I read that BHA is really good for your skin. It helps with aging, acne, pores, and texture. For some reason I can’t find any at Target so I ordered this one but please let me know if you know of any good ones that are cheaper. I love this stuff…it makes my skin so smooth and any blemishes are usually gone in the morning.

I’d love to hear about any of your beauty favorites and hope everyone has a great week!

White Ruffles

TOPJCPenney / / SHORTSAmerican Eagle / / SHOESSimilar here / / NAIL POLISH: OPI DS Classic

It is still SO hot here in Tennessee so I’m forced to wear shorts even though I’m so ready for Fall clothes! To transition the tiniest bit, I put on this three-quarters length top which is white making it still cool enough for the 90 degree weather here. I love wearing this top even in the winter though because it’s just such a fun piece when there’s so many dark, heavy clothes. It brings in something light yet still warm enough for the winter, so I will get plenty of use out of this top. I also don’t believe the whole thing about not wearing white after Labor Day. I think if you like it then you can do whatever you want, you shouldn’t have to follow rules in fashion!

Makeup- FOUNDATIONMaybelline Dream Pure BB Cream / / POWDERMakeup Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation / / BRONZERRimmel Natural Bronzer

I also wanted to add what makeup I’m wearing in this post. Makeup is something I get really excited about. I absolutely love getting new makeup and trying it out. One of my favorites is definitely the Rimmel bronzer because it’s SO cheap (seriously like $4) and the shade Sun Bronze doesn’t have sparkles. No sparkles is really important in a bronzer for me since I use bronzer everyday and want it to look natural. There’s nothing more unnatural than seeing sparkles all over someone’s face. Anyway thanks for reading!


August Favorites

I’m so excited to share my August must-haves with all of you! I’ve never done a post like this so tell me if you like it! I guess my favorite products from August are mostly beauty products that I’ve tried out and really liked along with a few other things. Hope you find something you might like! :)

2015-08-09 23.16.34

Makeup Forever duo mat powder foundation

Real Techniques powder brush

The first thing on my list is makeup related. It’s the makeup forever duo mat powder foundation (My color is 203). I actually heard about this powder from Amber Fillerup on her blog Barefoot Blonde. I absolutely loveee her blog and her makeup is always perfect so when she mentioned that she uses this powder in this post I wanted to try it out. I like it because it does really well in making my face matte almost all day and has great coverage for a powder. I also really love the real techniques powder brush that I got recently. It makes it so much easier to put my powder on, and when I wash the brush it doesn’t get messed up.

2015-08-09 23.17.54 2015-08-09 23.30.13

Kate Spade initial charm bracelet

I got this Kate Spade bracelet for my sister’s birthday and I really want one for myself now haha! It looked so cute online but even cuter in person! I got it online and didn’t even know it said “one in a million” on the other side of the charm too! It’s like a two for one haha! It also had the cute little pouch it came in. I guess I’m just a sucker for anything Kate Spade!

2015-08-09 23.25.34

Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum

I have to say this is probably like my favorite beauty product right now. I’m SO glad I tried out a serum, it makes all the difference for my skin! I used to have dry, flaky patches once I put my makeup on but not since I started using this serum. It’s very similar to a primer but it’s also really good for your skin. I researched it on Paula’s Choice before to learn how well the product really is and to make sure it didn’t have any harmful ingredients your skin. It got four stars so I tried it and now my skin is so much softer, moisturized (but not shiny), and not as dull!

2015-08-09 23.18.47

Day Designer Planner

I saw this in Target when I was looking for a planner for school and knew I had to get it when I saw it. It looks really expensive but is only like $10. They also had it in a hot pink. This helps me keep my life organized since it gets kind of crazy once I start school.