Fall Wedding

DRESS: Delia’s / / SHOESSteve Madden / /

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! I am in love with this black dress! It has tulle underneath to make it have that full skirt look and I just feel like a princess wearing a dress this fancy. Fall/winter weddings are kinda tricky knowing what to wear. Black and dark colored dresses are my go to. I got this to wear to a Halloween wedding which worked perfectly with the black and gold theme.

I recently got my hair cut so it’s not this long anymore. I loved it that length if I ever actually curled it. My hair is naturally straight. I air dry it and, except for putting some Chi silk infusion in it while it’s damp, I don’t do anything to it. For weddings I love curling my hair and adding a simple braid to it. My hair won’t stay curly all night so having a braid on one side adds more to it when my curls start to fall out. I like front, side dutch braids pulled back and pinned with the rest of my hair left down. Thanks for reading, love you all!

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