Knoxville, Tennessee

TOPGap (similar) // SHOES: Lauren Ralph Lauren via TJMaxx // BAG: Kate Spade (last seen here) // NAIL POLISHSally Hansen in red eye // EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad

So I just bought this top from Gap recently but can’t find it anywhere online! Some of you might still be able to find it on sale at your Gap, I just couldn’t find a link for it. I love it because it’s so soft and comfortable but has a ruffle in the back to make it a little more than a plain tee; that’s why I linked a top above that had a zipper on the back so that it wasn’t just another plain tee. I’ve been getting a lot of pieces like this recently since they go with just about everything! Loose tees like this or this look great with skinny jeans (or jeggings for me)!

Last weekend I went to visit Andrew in Knoxville where he goes to school. It’s about three hours away so it’s a bit of a drive, but it’s definitely worth it! On Friday night we went to a cute, little Mexican restaurant that we don’t have home. I was really craving a quesadilla haha! Saturday was spent shopping of course since they have a huge outdoor mall that is so pretty and a dream for me! My last day there, we went to this park along the Tennessee river. The view was amazing and it had so many pretty bridges in the background. I think Andrew was more interested in the bridges since he’s  future civil engineer haha. When we were leaving the park we saw some houses by the river that we had to check out. Looking at houses is one of my favorite things to do now, especially the ones that are being built that you can go inside to explore. I now know the exact layout I want when I get house. The weather was just perfect too which made me really excited for fall! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!! Love you all!


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