I ♥ U

I had to share these pictures with you because I thought they were just so adorable and might inspire you to make giant letters and take pictures with them too haha! Anyway the one in the picture with dark brown hair is my sister, Jessica, along with her friend Jessica. It’s funny how you end up being really good friends with someone who has the same name as you sometimes! I used to have a best friend name Erica! So Jessica wanted to take these pictures to give to her boyfriend as a present and I think it is just the cutest idea! She just cut the letters out of poster board and used and then just threw them away afterwards since they weren’t expensive.

Well I’m starting my second week of my last year of college (yayyyy!) and I’m already stressing out about everything. I’m student teaching in a kindergarten class which I’m kind of excited about yet really nervous at the same time! I was supposed to do third grade but got moved to kindergarten which I was actually really happy about. I feel like five year olds are much less intimidating than 8 year olds since I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. If anyone has any advice then I’d love to hear from you! So I’ve mostly been focusing all my time and attention on school since Andrew is at school three hours away. It’s hard doing the long distance thing but I just have to remember that this is our last year doing it! I hope everyone’s week is going well!


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