Day at the Park

SHORTSAmerican Eagle // BAGKate Spade // EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad // BRACELETKay // Andrew- SHIRTPolo Ralph Lauren // SHORTSChaps // SHOESSperry

These pictures were taken at Oakland’s Historic Mansion close to where we live in Tennessee. Andrew and I decided to go walk around there. It’s like a little hidden beauty tucked in the old, run-down houses near the square. The grounds around it is really pretty with slave quarters, gardens, and a natural spring; so we had fun reading the history behind all of that too. I wish we had gotten pictures in front of the mansion which is gorgeous but there were people setting up decorations for a wedding later that day. That made me think of how fun it would be to get married in front of a beautiful, historic mansion like this! I just love how the old houses look on the outside, so classic looking.

Anyway I wore this outfit that ended up matching my bag perfectly. Apparently this is my new favorite color haha! I think Andrew’s outfit is so cute because I’m in love with those shorts on him! They’re just a great change from plain khaki shorts. I hope everyone is having a great week! I just started my senior year of college (one year left, yay!!!), so good luck to anyone else that just started school too :)


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