Sunflower Fields

DRESS: Old but love this one // HAIR TIEVictoria’s Secret // EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad (On sale!!) // Andrew- SHORTSAmerican Eagle // SHIRTAmerican Eagle

Andrew and I went to this sunflower field the other day and absolutely loved it! It is just so beautiful with rows and rows of sunflowers as far as you can see. It didn’t hurt that the sun was out and there were no clouds either, so it was just a beautiful day. These are some of my favorite pictures that we’ve ever taken because of the amazing background. I really want to just have a field of sunflowers in my backyard to look at everyday haha! The background in photos really makes all the difference too. I love taking photos with a rustic fence, nice landscaping/building, or just a piece of nature in the background. I would love to hear of any suggestions for great pictures that you have taken in the comments! :)

The dress I am wearing in these pictures can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the shoes and accessories. I wore it earlier in the day with cream colored wedges and then changed into these sandals to make my outfit more casual and practical. Simple lace dresses are one of my favorite styles of dresses. They can be worn year round (I’d have to wear a sweater with mine), and they can be worn to just about any occasion. I’ve worn this one to a wedding shower, church, and then just running errands. A dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident is always a plus too! Hope everyone is having a great week and it’s finally Friday!! :)


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