My Go to Summer Look

TOP: American Eagle (old) this one is a similar style I love even more// SHORTS: Made these from old jeans// SHOES: BCBG (Found at TJMaxx) last seen here// EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad (On sale!!)

During the summer I usually just throw on some jean shorts and a tank top since it’s in the 90’s almost everyday in Tennessee. This has easily become my go to outfit for summer. Loose, soft tank tops are so flattering on so many different body types. They also make it so much cooler in the hot, hot sun! Jean shorts are also a must, because they go with everything. It’s so hard for me to find jean shorts that I love since they either don’t fit me right in the legs or they don’t fit in the waist, so I’ve started taking some of my old jeans that are either out of style or too short and making them into shorts. It’s so simple to do too! I start by placing a pair of shorts that I like the length of on top of the pair of jeans I want to cut. I then measure about 4-5 inches (Remember the jeans can always be cut shorter so don’t cut too much off at first!) longer than those shorts so that there’s room to roll them up twice. I then just cut the bottom part of the jeans off up to where I measured. I try them on, roll them up twice, and decide whether or not the length is what I want. Sometimes I have to go back and cut a little more off until I get them exactly where I want. It only takes like 5 minutes and I have a new pair of shorts for free! I would love to hear of any suggestions or ideas you have about altering clothes to fit just right in the comments! :)


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