TOP: American Eagle (old) but similar here (on sale!!)  SHORTSAmerican Eagle  SHOES: BCBG (from TJMaxx) but similar here  HAIR TIEVictoria’s Secret  EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad (on sale!!)  PURSE: Kate Spade last seen here  ANDREW’S SHIRTAmerican Eagle  ANDREW’S SHORTSAmerican Eagle (on sale and in basically every color!)  ANDREW’S SHOESSperry

The other night Andrew and I decided to walk around Nashville and explore downtown since it is his last week working in Nashville at his internship before going back to school for the fall semester. We passed the pedestrian bridge on our way to go eat, so I told him we had to come back and see it on our way back. The view from the bridge was so pretty; you could see Nashville next to the river.

I love the shirt that I’m wearing from American Eagle in these pictures! I always get a ton of compliments on it. Although, I do have to be careful when I wear it to not snag it on anything since the material is delicate. The shorts I’m wearing are really soft and comfy too. I really like white shorts in the summer especially with a darker shirt like I wore here. It makes the outfit a little brighter for summer. I have to tell you about the hair tie I have on! You can’t see it too well in these pictures but these from Victoria’s Secret are my absolute favorite! They have the best colors (pink and black) which basically go with everything (I loveee light pink). They are also really great because you can wear them a ton and they don’t get all stretched out like other cloth hair ties I’ve tried. Hope everyone is having a great week! It’s almost Friday! :)


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