Sunday Best

TOP: H & M SKIRT: American Eagle (old) but similar here SHOES: Target (old) but similar here PURSE: Kate Spade Newbury Lane Sally in light pink SUNGLASSESCalvin Klein ANDREW’S SHORTSAmerican Eagle (on sale) ANDREW’S SHIRT: Sold out in orange but love this blue one

On Sundays Andrew and I usually go to church that morning and either shop a little bit afterwards or just relax. This Sunday, I decided to wear this circle skirt which is perfect because it’s flowy, high-waisted, and yet still form fitting at the top. I love this style because it seems to be universally flattering on most people. Mine was from American Eagle because their clothes fit me best, but this style of skirt can be found at most stores (That way you can go with one that fits your body type and personality best!). This skirt was also great for the 95 degree weather and sunshine we had today too (you basically have to wear something flowy!). And it has a lot of colors and patterns going on, so a simple black tee worked great on top. I love the black wedges I have on from Target! They are so comfy and Target always has a great selection of wedges. I got the ones I have on last year but I would love to have these. They look just like these Michael Kors ones for about a third of the price. I loveee a good deal which is why I was also really excited to get my Calvin Klein sunglasses for a third of the price at TJMaxx! You have to look a lot there but sometimes there are really great sunglasses, shoes, or purses!

Andrew usually wears something orange any chance he can, he’s a huge UT Vols fan :) So he wore his polo orange striped button up shirt. It’s way too hot for pants so these khaki shorts had to work for today. He’s picking up my dog Cooper by the way. Cooper is the sweetest puppy and I could tell he didn’t want to be picked up but went along with it anyway. Hope you had a great weekend, love you all!!! Thanks for reading :)

xoxo, Erika

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