August Favorites

I’m so excited to share my August must-haves with all of you! I’ve never done a post like this so tell me if you like it! I guess my favorite products from August are mostly beauty products that I’ve tried out and really liked along with a few other things. Hope you find something you might like! :)

2015-08-09 23.16.34

Makeup Forever duo mat powder foundation

Real Techniques powder brush

The first thing on my list is makeup related. It’s the makeup forever duo mat powder foundation (My color is 203). I actually heard about this powder from Amber Fillerup on her blog Barefoot Blonde. I absolutely loveee her blog and her makeup is always perfect so when she mentioned that she uses this powder in this post I wanted to try it out. I like it because it does really well in making my face matte almost all day and has great coverage for a powder. I also really love the real techniques powder brush that I got recently. It makes it so much easier to put my powder on, and when I wash the brush it doesn’t get messed up.

2015-08-09 23.17.54 2015-08-09 23.30.13

Kate Spade initial charm bracelet

I got this Kate Spade bracelet for my sister’s birthday and I really want one for myself now haha! It looked so cute online but even cuter in person! I got it online and didn’t even know it said “one in a million” on the other side of the charm too! It’s like a two for one haha! It also had the cute little pouch it came in. I guess I’m just a sucker for anything Kate Spade!

2015-08-09 23.25.34

Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum

I have to say this is probably like my favorite beauty product right now. I’m SO glad I tried out a serum, it makes all the difference for my skin! I used to have dry, flaky patches once I put my makeup on but not since I started using this serum. It’s very similar to a primer but it’s also really good for your skin. I researched it on Paula’s Choice before to learn how well the product really is and to make sure it didn’t have any harmful ingredients your skin. It got four stars so I tried it and now my skin is so much softer, moisturized (but not shiny), and not as dull!

2015-08-09 23.18.47

Day Designer Planner

I saw this in Target when I was looking for a planner for school and knew I had to get it when I saw it. It looks really expensive but is only like $10. They also had it in a hot pink. This helps me keep my life organized since it gets kind of crazy once I start school.

Day at the Park

SHORTSAmerican Eagle // BAGKate Spade // EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad // BRACELETKay // Andrew- SHIRTPolo Ralph Lauren // SHORTSChaps // SHOESSperry

These pictures were taken at Oakland’s Historic Mansion close to where we live in Tennessee. Andrew and I decided to go walk around there. It’s like a little hidden beauty tucked in the old, run-down houses near the square. The grounds around it is really pretty with slave quarters, gardens, and a natural spring; so we had fun reading the history behind all of that too. I wish we had gotten pictures in front of the mansion which is gorgeous but there were people setting up decorations for a wedding later that day. That made me think of how fun it would be to get married in front of a beautiful, historic mansion like this! I just love how the old houses look on the outside, so classic looking.

Anyway I wore this outfit that ended up matching my bag perfectly. Apparently this is my new favorite color haha! I think Andrew’s outfit is so cute because I’m in love with those shorts on him! They’re just a great change from plain khaki shorts. I hope everyone is having a great week! I just started my senior year of college (one year left, yay!!!), so good luck to anyone else that just started school too :)


Puppy Love

DRESSAmerican Eagle // BELTTarget // Andrew- SHIRTPolo Ralph Lauren //SHORTSAmerican Eagle

I’m in love with this swing dress! It is SO soft and I could even sleep in it for real! If you don’t have one you should really consider it because it’s like the most comfortable thing ever. On me, these dresses look kinda of big, so I just wear a thin, simple belt around my waist to give me some shape. I don’t have any shoes on in the pictures but I think this dress would look so cute with some colored (love light blue) converses or sandals. And one of my favorite parts of the dress is the open v in the back!

Andrew and I were in his backyard playing with his dog Axel who is just the smartest, sweetest dog! He doesn’t like to be petted much, but he will still cuddle with you sometimes. I think he weighs about as much as me though; he’s huge! I am also now on Bloglovin!! So please go find me there and follow me (link at bottom of this post)! Hope ya’ll enjoy and thanks for reading :)


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Skipping Stones

TOPLoft (on sale!!) // SHORTSAmerican Eagle // SHOES: Lauren Ralph Lauren // Andrew- SHIRTAmerican Eagle // SHORTSAmerican Eagle // SHOESSperry

One of the most fun ways to spend time during a date can be something as simple as skipping stones in the river. Just walking around, talking, wading in the water, or skipping stones can be so fun when you’re doing it with someone you love (or really like). So next time you go on a date, I challenge you to try to have fun by not spending money and not using technology. We also love going on picnics or stargazing when it’s a nice night out. The other day we actually went kayaking in this same river which was really fun even though it was super hot outside.

I love this new shirt I’m wearing from Loft. I got it the other day when it was half off. It is great quality and it’s actually reallyyy comfy! It looks kinda dressy so I paired it with my denim rolled up jeans, making it more casual for the day. But it could also be paired with a black pencil skirt and heels to wear to work. I’m always wearing sandals in the summer, and the silver ones I’m wearing are my favorite this summer. They go with everything which is what I love about them. Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sunflower Fields

DRESS: Old but love this one // HAIR TIEVictoria’s Secret // EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad (On sale!!) // Andrew- SHORTSAmerican Eagle // SHIRTAmerican Eagle

Andrew and I went to this sunflower field the other day and absolutely loved it! It is just so beautiful with rows and rows of sunflowers as far as you can see. It didn’t hurt that the sun was out and there were no clouds either, so it was just a beautiful day. These are some of my favorite pictures that we’ve ever taken because of the amazing background. I really want to just have a field of sunflowers in my backyard to look at everyday haha! The background in photos really makes all the difference too. I love taking photos with a rustic fence, nice landscaping/building, or just a piece of nature in the background. I would love to hear of any suggestions for great pictures that you have taken in the comments! :)

The dress I am wearing in these pictures can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the shoes and accessories. I wore it earlier in the day with cream colored wedges and then changed into these sandals to make my outfit more casual and practical. Simple lace dresses are one of my favorite styles of dresses. They can be worn year round (I’d have to wear a sweater with mine), and they can be worn to just about any occasion. I’ve worn this one to a wedding shower, church, and then just running errands. A dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident is always a plus too! Hope everyone is having a great week and it’s finally Friday!! :)


My Go to Summer Look

TOP: American Eagle (old) this one is a similar style I love even more// SHORTS: Made these from old jeans// SHOES: BCBG (Found at TJMaxx) last seen here// EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad (On sale!!)

During the summer I usually just throw on some jean shorts and a tank top since it’s in the 90’s almost everyday in Tennessee. This has easily become my go to outfit for summer. Loose, soft tank tops are so flattering on so many different body types. They also make it so much cooler in the hot, hot sun! Jean shorts are also a must, because they go with everything. It’s so hard for me to find jean shorts that I love since they either don’t fit me right in the legs or they don’t fit in the waist, so I’ve started taking some of my old jeans that are either out of style or too short and making them into shorts. It’s so simple to do too! I start by placing a pair of shorts that I like the length of on top of the pair of jeans I want to cut. I then measure about 4-5 inches (Remember the jeans can always be cut shorter so don’t cut too much off at first!) longer than those shorts so that there’s room to roll them up twice. I then just cut the bottom part of the jeans off up to where I measured. I try them on, roll them up twice, and decide whether or not the length is what I want. Sometimes I have to go back and cut a little more off until I get them exactly where I want. It only takes like 5 minutes and I have a new pair of shorts for free! I would love to hear of any suggestions or ideas you have about altering clothes to fit just right in the comments! :)



TOP: American Eagle (old) but similar here (on sale!!)  SHORTSAmerican Eagle  SHOES: BCBG (from TJMaxx) but similar here  HAIR TIEVictoria’s Secret  EARRINGSLC Lauren Conrad (on sale!!)  PURSE: Kate Spade last seen here  ANDREW’S SHIRTAmerican Eagle  ANDREW’S SHORTSAmerican Eagle (on sale and in basically every color!)  ANDREW’S SHOESSperry

The other night Andrew and I decided to walk around Nashville and explore downtown since it is his last week working in Nashville at his internship before going back to school for the fall semester. We passed the pedestrian bridge on our way to go eat, so I told him we had to come back and see it on our way back. The view from the bridge was so pretty; you could see Nashville next to the river.

I love the shirt that I’m wearing from American Eagle in these pictures! I always get a ton of compliments on it. Although, I do have to be careful when I wear it to not snag it on anything since the material is delicate. The shorts I’m wearing are really soft and comfy too. I really like white shorts in the summer especially with a darker shirt like I wore here. It makes the outfit a little brighter for summer. I have to tell you about the hair tie I have on! You can’t see it too well in these pictures but these from Victoria’s Secret are my absolute favorite! They have the best colors (pink and black) which basically go with everything (I loveee light pink). They are also really great because you can wear them a ton and they don’t get all stretched out like other cloth hair ties I’ve tried. Hope everyone is having a great week! It’s almost Friday! :)


Sunday Best

TOP: H & M SKIRT: American Eagle (old) but similar here SHOES: Target (old) but similar here PURSE: Kate Spade Newbury Lane Sally in light pink SUNGLASSESCalvin Klein ANDREW’S SHORTSAmerican Eagle (on sale) ANDREW’S SHIRT: Sold out in orange but love this blue one

On Sundays Andrew and I usually go to church that morning and either shop a little bit afterwards or just relax. This Sunday, I decided to wear this circle skirt which is perfect because it’s flowy, high-waisted, and yet still form fitting at the top. I love this style because it seems to be universally flattering on most people. Mine was from American Eagle because their clothes fit me best, but this style of skirt can be found at most stores (That way you can go with one that fits your body type and personality best!). This skirt was also great for the 95 degree weather and sunshine we had today too (you basically have to wear something flowy!). And it has a lot of colors and patterns going on, so a simple black tee worked great on top. I love the black wedges I have on from Target! They are so comfy and Target always has a great selection of wedges. I got the ones I have on last year but I would love to have these. They look just like these Michael Kors ones for about a third of the price. I loveee a good deal which is why I was also really excited to get my Calvin Klein sunglasses for a third of the price at TJMaxx! You have to look a lot there but sometimes there are really great sunglasses, shoes, or purses!

Andrew usually wears something orange any chance he can, he’s a huge UT Vols fan :) So he wore his polo orange striped button up shirt. It’s way too hot for pants so these khaki shorts had to work for today. He’s picking up my dog Cooper by the way. Cooper is the sweetest puppy and I could tell he didn’t want to be picked up but went along with it anyway. Hope you had a great weekend, love you all!!! Thanks for reading :)

xoxo, Erika